Error message "Wi-FI name or password too long" when connecting the Camini +

It seems that this is linked to pairing (connection) in QR CODE.

So you can,

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

1- either switch to EZ Mode, i.e. simple mode via wifi. (The Qr code makes it easier to focus on identifying the device to be connected)

To do this, direct you to the Konyks app:

-you click on "+"

- then on "camera"

- and at the top right you can click on "net pairing mode" a small window will open,

you will choose "ez mode"

2- or modify your wifi code from the configuration platform of your box.

3-Be aware that in QR Code mode it is possible that, despite the warning message, you can force the passage and connect in QR code with a code of more than 20 characters, the only downside is that this will not not work every time and we can guarantee an immediate connection in this case.

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