How to reset Antalya bulbs before installing them?

When you unpack an Antalya it is normally reset. This can be seen because the bulb flashes quickly

But after a successful first installation, if you want to reinstall the bulb on another network (for example in the event of a change of the box password), you must first reset it

As Antalya does not have a button, unlike other Konyks products, the reset procedure is specific:


In order for the bulb to be installed, it must flash quickly (approx. 2 flashes per second)

To reset a bulb:

Turn off the bulb - Wait a second - Turn the bulb back on

Repeat 3-4 times


Click "+" on the home page then choose "Lighting"

Pairing will begin and the counter will begin to scroll. Around 20/30% the bulb should stop flashing

Allow the process to continue.

At the end the installation must be done

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