Why do light bulbs come back on after a power cut?

You may have noticed that after a power cut, connected bulbs, especially Antalya, automatically switch back to "ON" This can have unpleasant consequences in some specific cases, for example if the power is interrupted during the night, when the current returns, the bulb will light automatically. However, it is impossible to do otherwise in order to preserve use with a switch. Indeed if a connected bulb is connected to a luminaire with an ordinary switch, here is what could happen:

User A turns on the bulb with the APP - The bulb is in ON state

User B turns off the bulb with the physical switch - The bulb is disconnected from the network but still ON before the power is cut

User A tries to turn off the bulb with APP, the bulb is in OFF state

User B turns on the bulb with the physical switch, the bulb tries to return) to the previous state so in OFF, result the bulb never turns back on except to change its status in the APP

This is why the bulbs are set to the ON position after a power cut

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